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How long does it take to create salon website?

How long does it take to create salon website?

How long does it take to create salon website?

You probably already know this but your salon’s website is often the first impression and “digital face” of your brand that potential clients see. And an outdated or poorly designed site can make a bad first impression, while a sleek, modern website can help attract new clients.

So how long should you expect the website creation process to take if you want to get it right? Here’s a breakdown:

Using a Pre-Built Template (1-3 hours)

If you simply want to get a basic website up and running quickly, using a pre-built template from a site builder can take as little as 1-3 hours. You’d just need to swap in some text, add your logo and images, and do minor customization.

The downside is it will look very generic, with limited ability to add your own branding and flair. This works best for an ultra-fast, temporary site.

Customizing a Template (1-7 days)

For more customization options, start with a pre-built template but spend time tailoring it to your brand. You can create new pages, modify text and images, and change colors to match your branding.

This allows you to put more of your unique personality and style into the site. Expect 1-7 days total if you’re customizing a template.

Building from Scratch (2-6 weeks)

To create a fully custom website design aligned with your salon’s specific branding and needs, building from scratch allows for the most creative control.

But the tradeoff is the longer timeline – realistically 2-6 weeks for full website creation if starting from zero. This allows time for planning, creating the visual design system and layouts, writing custom content, developing the site functionality, thorough testing and revisions throughout the process.

Key Factors Impacting Timeline

Several key factors will shape your website creation timeline:

  • Complexity: An informational “brochure” type website will be much faster than building out a full-featured e-commerce site with online booking, etc.
  • Custom vs. Pre-Made Design: Using templates and pre-designed assets will be quicker than a 100% custom design.
  • Amount of New Content: If you need to write all new website copy and take fresh photos, this adds to the timeline.
  • Technical Factors: Choosing domain names, hosting, site architecture, integrations all take some time.
  • Revisions: Creating a site requires an iterative collaboration process. Build in time for revisions.
  • Your Own Availability: Your ability to provide timely feedback and make decisions impacts speed.

A Realistic Start to Finish Timeline

For a professional, visually polished salon website, even if you’re starting with a template, a typical timeline is:

  • Planning (1-2 weeks): Define goals, target audience, and brand style
  • Design (2-4 weeks): Visual theme, layouts, and style guide
  • Content Creation (1-3 weeks): Develop custom text, images, videos, testimonials
  • Development (2-6 weeks): Technical build out and implementation
  • Testing (1-2 weeks): Thoroughly test and refine until it’s glitch-free
  • Launch (1 week): Migrate content and make the new site live!

Our Recommendation

While pre-made templates provide a quick option, we highly recommend investing the time and effort into a fully custom designed website built specifically for your salon. A custom site allows you to deeply infuse your unique vibe and brand identity into the website design. You can tailor the visual aesthetics, color schemes, fonts, layout, and content to precisely match your salon’s style and offerings. 

Since your website makes that all-important first impression, a custom design is worth the extra effort to showcase your distinctive approach. It’s a chance to wow potential new clients with a website that captures the atmosphere and experience of visiting your salon in person. In our digital world, your website is your brand ambassador – so take the time to make it distinctly you.

Streamline the Process with Professional Help

While you can create a website yourself, especially with site builders, working with web design professionals (like us) can streamline the end-to-end process, provide expertise, and ensure a polished final product.

Keep in mind that quality should be the top priority over speed. Invest the necessary time upfront to create a beautiful, functional website you’ll be proud of for years to come. First impressions matter!

Reach out if you need help in bringing your salon’s digital vision to life with a custom designed website.

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