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Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid as a Salon Owner

Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid as a Salon Owner

Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid as a Salon Owner

In the past, salons could rely on word-of-mouth and repeat customers for many years. Today people like trying new salons after seeing ads and posts online.

If you do not market actively, long-time clients may visit other salons that seem more interesting on social media or advertise discounts.

While being good at hair and customer service used to be enough, now technology matters more every year. Salons must promote themselves digitally to:

  • Bring in new younger clients from the internet
  • Keep existing clients returning often

This means monitoring your online presence. Fix anything outdated fast before people get annoyed. Stay active posting so customers think of your salon first when wanting appointments.

Do digital marketing right, and you keep attracting loyal clients despite more salons competing for their business. But make too many online mistakes, and you will start to lose people over time.

We explain common errors and easy technology fixes to try. Ask us how to stay popular in the digital age!

1. Having an Out-of-Date Website

Remember that website you created a few years ago? Many small businesses think they don’t have to pay much attention to the site after it comes online. However, your website reflects the character of your business. Out-of-date information like incorrect operating hours or services you no longer offer creates the impression that you are disorganized.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much time to improve the basics of your site. At least once a quarter, you should review its contents to ensure they are correct and relevant.

You want to check information like:

  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • Artist information
  • Services offered
  • Limited-time specials

As a bonus tip, images on the site should reflect your current setup. Let potential clients see how your salon looks today and not how it was five years ago.

2. Ignoring the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Many salon owners think of their website primarily as an online flyer, only necessary to share information. This is a major misconception because a website can do much more to grow their businesses. A well-designed website leverages search engine optimization (SEO) practices to attract more potential clients to your salon.

SEO begins with an online search. When a consumer is looking for hair salon, they might enter the search term “hair salon near me“. They will then see the search engine results page with listings of local hair salons. SEO practices aim to help a business land at the top of this list. Most people do not scroll further down, and almost no one goes to a second page. The typical user will click on the first few options on their screen.

While you might want to consult with our team of experts to unleash the full potential of SEO, there are several things you can do to improve the content on your current site. For example, you want to include common search terms relevant to your business: beauty salonhair salonnail salon, or facial treatments.

Since salons are local businesses, you will also want to highlight your location by placing it in a prominent place in the content. For example, a header like “An Exceptional Beauty Salon in Austin, TX” carries more weight than just An Exceptional Beauty Salon.

3. An Inconsistent Social Media Presence

Your clients are on social media, so you need to be there too. Business social media accounts have a different purpose than your personal accounts. You should view them as digital marketing tools that draw attention to your salon. On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can share news, offer specials, and provide insights into life at your salon.

However, posting this information is not just about providing updates. Regular social media posts are an integral step in keeping your salon in the minds of your loyal clients. The more you stay connected with them, the more likely they are to schedule another appointment.

Reviews and comments are another part of the social media experience for businesses. It is always great to receive positive feedback from a happy client. Acknowledging a good review shows that you are an attentive business. However, how you deal with less-than-perfect reviews may be even more important. Maintaining a positive and apologetic attitude and resisting the temptation of snarkiness will help you respond to negative reviews without damaging your reputation.

4. Missing or Confusing Online Scheduling Software

Many patrons will expect the convenience of an online booking option. A well-designed system allows them to schedule with their favorite artist and know they have a firm appointment. When the platform functions properly, everyone has a smooth experience.

Technology is complicated and constantly changing. If you use separate platforms for customer relationship management (CRM) and booking, system updates may disrupt their communication. Updates to browsers may make older systems less compatible, affecting user experience. About once a year, you should check that your CRM meets your needs. As a salon, you are probably better off upgrading to a CRM that includes booking capabilities.

If you start hearing complaints about your booking system, it is a mistake to ignore them. A frustrating user experience may be all it takes for someone to not to try a new salon.

5. Failing to Follow Up

Assuming clients will always return limits your growth. Beauty-oriented businesses depend on return visits, so salons must do everything possible to encourage repeat scheduling. The simple act of sending a follow-up email is often all it takes to get a client to sign up for their next visit. This note is also an opportunity to ask clients for an all-important review that can impact your standing in search results. With the right CRM software, you can automate this process, reaching out to clients without using extra time.

These days, the follow-up process can include a few more steps. Automatic reminders and confirmation notices will go a long way in preventing late arrivals and missed appointments, a feature both your customers and salon artists will appreciate.

6. Intentional Digital Marketing Can Build a Thriving Salon

Whether or not you are excited about technology, every business owner should make a digital marketing plan. Investing a little time in enhancing your online marketing skills can improve your operation, generate new clients, and keep your current salon customers coming back for more of your services.

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